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Repatriation Flights Using SAA - Procedure

Source: SAMI, 13/07/2020

• SAA reserves the right to postpone or cancel a flight should
the appropriate governmental or airport authority approvals not
have been received.
• Registration can only be per person, unless the adult has an
accompanying infant.
• One adult may only accompany one infant due to airline safety
• Only passengers cleared by the Department of Home Affairs or
the respective Embassies will be allowed to book and travel. The
responsibility for travel document clearance resides with the
traveller and must be arranged between the traveller and
respective embassy or DIRCO. Refer: for all South
African citizen repatriation matters as well as all contacts for
South African representation offices abroad.
• All passengers must be in possession of the relevant travel
documentation and approvals to enter the country they choose to
fly to.
• Any fines received by SAA for passengers who do not have the
correct documentation will be billed to the respective customer.
• Please note that a Business class seat does not include any
Business class service or amenities. Seating is however in a full
lie flat seat with 74” pitch.
• Please do not deposit money into the SAA account until you are
confirmed by SAA and receive a booking reference with payment
• Only Electronic Bank Transfers will be accepted as form of
• Airfares are one-way, per person and inclusive of taxes and
surcharges. Infants pay 10% and sit on the parent’s lap; one
infant per adult. Infant Luggage allowance is 1 piece at 15kg plus
1 x car seat or stroller allowed.
• When you receive an email confirming your booking please
forward a copy of your passport and proof of payment with your
name and surname to SAA. Use your Surname and First name as the
reference on the EFT deposit.
• A refund will be provided if you are not approved by the DHA or
you show symptoms of COVID-19 on the day of departure. Refunds
take 7 working days to process.
• No pets, live animals or sporting equipment allowed. However,
guide dogs will be allowed.
• Customers with limited mobility must indicate this to the SAA
agent at the time of booking in order that we can assist you. A
maximum of 7 wheelchair requests can be approved per flight.
• As these are repatriation flights, SAA is unable to offer an
Unaccompanied Minor service, all children under the age of 18 must
be accompanied by an adult.
• All passengers MUST carry their own PPE/Masks for the flight
• These flights are point to point. Passengers are responsible
for their own onward connections if applicable.
• New destinations will only be advertised when they are
confirmed, or when a charter is being explored.
• Once you are confirmed for travel and prior to making your way
to the airport, please check if you have:
o Valid passport
o Relevant travel visa / approvals for the country of
o Valid ticket with proof of payment for ticket.
o Completed South African Port Health questionnaire (COVID-
19) for domestic, regional and international air travel. Refer
link on to download the relevant form.
o Personal Protection: please take your own face mask and
hand sanitizer
o Personal belongings and luggage as per luggage allowances.
o Follow the respective airport authority regulations for


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