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How to expedite a South African smart ID card application in 2024

Source: The South African, 10/02/2024

Forget the ‘green mamba’ and say ‘howzit’ to expediting your South African smart ID card application online.

A South African smart ID card application in 2024 has never been easier since the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) embraced digital technologies. If you need to expedite a smart ID card application, here’s what you need to do before wandering into a DHA branch and wasting everyone’s time.

There are plenty of reasons you’ll want to speed up a smart ID card application. You may just be moeg of the ‘green mamba’ or perhaps your ID has been stolen or cloned and you need a new one. Whatever the case may be, you can speed up the smart ID card application process by going online first. Here’s what to do and how much it costs

The Department of Home Affairs has made smart ID card applications easier than ever.
South African ID booklets are still a valid form of identification until the DHA declares otherwise. Nevertheless, any new smart ID card application is automatically for new, high-tech biometric card. Old identify documents are easier to clone and copy nefariously.
Firstly, you must be 16-years of age or older and be a South African citizen to apply. Your old green ID booklet (if you have one), driver’s licence or passport will act as proof of identification. If you were born elsewhere, a government-issue ID or passport from the country of your birth will also be accepted.
Every South African smart ID card application must be submitted with the following documents (if you have them):
• Green ID booklet.
• Birth certificate.
• Documentation verifying a legal guardian (in case of adoption).
• Parental IDs.
• Parent’s death certificates for deceased parents.
• Proof of address (ie. a utility bill with your name and address on it).
• Permanent resident certificate if foreign-born.
• Sworn and signed police affidavit and police case number if you lost or had your ID document stolen.
Any first-time smart ID card applicant who is 16-years old can apply for free. Otherwise, the cost is R140 if older than 16-years of age and replacing a lost or stolen ID.
• Visit the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) eHome website.
• Click on Apply Online.
• Select Go to Registration.
• Fill in all your details: Name, ID number, passport number or birth certificate number, date of birth, email address, and cell phone number.
• Upload all the necessary documents listed earlier.
• Make an EFT payment online. If you don’t have digital banking, you can visit your bank in-person to make a deposit.
• After payment is confirmed, you will then select a Home Affairs branch you must visit in-person. This is so you can provide the biometric part of your South African smart ID card application �` fingerprints and ID photos.

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