US Travel / Visitors Visa

USA visitor visa B1/B2ion

USA visitor visa B1/B2ion

Mainly for tourists and travellers, but also for those desiring to enter the country for business (B-1 visa) or medical treatment (B-2 visa). For people that wish to visit the USA for a short period of time.

You cannot take up employment be it paid or unpaid.
This visitor’s visa can be issued for a period of up to ten years
Non-Immigrant Visas are processed in Visa Sections at three United States Consulates in South Africa located in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban.

For any US visa that you wish to apply for a personal interview with the Embassy/Consulate is required

Applicants should be prepared to demonstrate their strong social, economic and/or family ties to South Africa as well as their purpose and duration of travel.

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